Salvage grocery overview:

We are currently handling salvage food boxes from both national and independent chain stores in Arizona and California. We specialize in mixed truckloads to maximize variety. Salvage food boxes can be broken down into the following categories:

Full-Service Grocery Store - These boxes will typically contain a wider variety of food products such as cereal, canned goods, pastas and rice, cake mixes, coffee, salad dressings, seasonings, beverages, baby food, candy, condiments, oils, cookies, chips, boxed meals, etc.

Drug Store/Convenience Store - Typically not packed in banana boxes, this salvage consists of convenience/snack items such as candy, jerky, cookies, cereal, protein bars, crackers, gum, chips, popcorn, nuts, etc. There will be coffee, salad dressings and other full service items present, but not predominant. Some chains will also include beverage items such as Gatorade, Boost, energy drinks, etc.

Gourmet - Gourmet food loads can consist of case lot, banana box or both on a truck. These loads are typically high value consisting of specialty food products such as pastas, oils, salsas, seasonings, teas, coffees, sauces, cookies, crackers, organics and gluten-free products.


Please call for current prices per chain as availability, seasonality and shipping origin factor into pricing.


Q:        What is salvage food?

A:         Salvage food consists of grocery products deemed unsalable by the grocery chain for reasons such as dating (close date, past date), damaged packaging or can dents, seasonal shelf pulls, excess stock or discontinued.


Q:        Why is salvage food called banana box food?

A:         Most retail chains recycle banana boxes by packing their salvage to send to the reclamation center for processing.  By using these boxes, the chain, reclamation center, and reseller can benefit from the reduced cost of repacking into new cartons.


Q:        What is the minimum purchase requirement?

A:         Banana boxes are priced by the box but sold by the pallet.  Pallets quantity varies by chain but are usually 24 boxes per pallet.  The minimum purchase is 24 boxes or one pallet.


Q:        Can I mix a truckload between multiple chains?

A:         Absolutely. As a matter of fact it's highly recommended that you mix your truck with at least two chains to increase variety.  Boxes from many of the chains compliment each other.  For instance, drug store food will add convenience items such as gum, jerky and candy to full service food boxes that contain staples such as canned goods, etc.  Mixing chains however, is subject to warehouse availability.


Q:        Can I buy a truckload direct from a center closer to me than your warehouse?

A:         Typically, Yes. But keep in mind you will be required to purchase the truckload exactly as it is offered. You won't be able to mix a load like you can from our warehouse.  Also, if market conditions are in short supply and high demand, we typically bring every available load into our warehouse to maintain supply.


Information on food dating: